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What Beers does Castaways Nicaragua serve?

Toña and Victoria aren't the only beers you'll find in Nicaragua... We offer delicious Moroptente on tap.

Castaways Nicaragua is the only place in Popoyo to offer craft beer on tap!
Nicaraguan Craft Beer

If you've ever traveled to Nicaragua, chances are that you've sipped on either one or both of the country's most popular beers. Toña and Victoria are the two most well known and widely consumed beers in Nicaragua and typically found only in cans and bottles. Both are owned by the same company and the debate as to which is better, goes on deep into the night at most local bars. Toña contains 4.6% alcohol content and is described as straw yellow in color, with a well balanced body and flavour and refreshing taste. It was introduced in the late 1970's and is arguably the most "traditional" Nicaraguan beer, thanks to the imagery and marketing that it uses across the country. Victoria on the other hand is a slightly lighter beer in both flavor and color but clocks in stronger with an alcohol content of 4.9%. Victoria dates back to the 1920's and was changed from its original "Cerveza Xolotlan" to Victoria (meaning Victory) after the Second World War. It also offers a micro-filtered version, Victoria Frost.

We stock bottles of both of these perennial favorite beers at Castaways Nicaragua, however we are the only place in the area, that offers delicious Craft Beer on Tap. Don't get us wrong, we love our Toña and Victoria, but being aficionados of beer, we knew that our Pub had to have some type of draft beer. After all, you can't call yourselves a Pub if you don't offer draft beer. We decided Moroptente was the way forward.

Moropotente was Nicaragua's first artisanal brewing operation. The idea originally came from the time spent in Seattle by José Marcel Sánchez, who upon returning from the home of America's craft beer scene, decided along with Eduardo Mendieta, to found the Craft Brewery of Moropotente in 2012.

Since then, the styles, flavors and distinct names of the Moropotente beers have grown into a well known and reputable business in Nicaragua. Today Moropotente is the largest Artisanal Beer company in Nicaragua with a market share of 70% in the Craft Beer market. The now offer up to 12 beers. Here at Castaways, we offer 4 of their top flavors, available in either 0.3 Liter (12 oz) or 0.5 Liter (18 oz) glasses, the only way to drink these delicious beers and appreciate all the great tastes. 1) Lado Oscuro - Irish Stout - 8% alcohol content This dark, robust beer is unlike anything you've tried in Nicaragua before. You'll taste coffee notes as well as dark chocolate and its a perfect accompaniment to our Beef Burger, or any grilled meats. As this is the strongest beer we know of in Popoyo, one of these before bed, makes sure you sleep oh so well.

2) 19 Dias - Blonde Ale - 6% alcohol content

Ultra-refreshing and probably the easiest to drink of the craft beers we offer. This is a beer that exhibits a light body and slightly bitter flavor, with notes of fruit, honey and malt. Perfect for a hot day and to accompany seafood or our Chicken Gyros.

3) Wangky Yang - Pale Ale - 5% alcohol content

The Castaways crowd favorite, a beautiful amber color with citrusy notes and a hoppy finish. This is a well rounded beer that means "Beer of the Rio Coco" in the local Miskito dialect of Nicaragua's indigenous people.

4) Pal ' Jefe - Oak Red Ale - 6% alcohol content

If you're looking for something different, try this tasty treat. With woody notes and subtle whisky flavors, this beer is matured in oak barrels and its sophisticated taste would go well with leaner meats.

When you've been drinking cans and bottles for a while, there's nothing better than treating yourself to a cold, refreshing glass of Nicaragua's top craft beer. Castaways Nicaragua offers the perfect palate-cleansing solutions to your post-surf thirst. Salud!



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