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Top 7 things to do in Popoyo, Nicaragua (when you can't surf).

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Even the most hardcore surfers need to put down the board from time to time. Popoyo is blessed with year-round offshore winds, consistent swell and plenty of surf breaks to explore. But what can you do in Popoyo when the waves aren't firing? Read on to find out some of the top recommendations from Castaways Nicaragua.

Swinging in a hammock is perhaps the most popular non-surf activity in the area - in fact doing absolutely nothing for a while and tapping into the tranquillity of your surroundings is highly recommended! 1) YOGA CLASSES

Dozens of places near Castaways Nicaragua offer yoga classes if you're looking for trained teachers a group environment. For those interested in getting deeper in touch with their body, mind and soul, you've got options within walking and driving distance.


Feel the wind in your hair as you gallop along the beach on horseback, watching the sun dip below the horizon. Don Fabio is a local legend and is our preferred cowboy. Let us know and we'll get you saddled up in time.


Down the road from us, you'll find a couple of Nicaragua's top golf courses - at Hacienda Iguana and Guacalito de la Isla. We recommend Iguana for a leisurely, but challenging 9 holes of fun, right near the beach.


Book a charter, grab some friends and test the waters offshore if fishing is your passion and you'd like to catch dinner! The water around Popoyo are home to snapper, mackerel, dorado and tuna alike, and don't worry about rods - many boats bring them for you. Still on a boat - you can visit some legendary surf spots when the swell is on - Lance's Left, Playgrounds and Chacocente are best by boat.


Between September and May, you can help in sea turtle conservation at various beach locations, preventing poachers from stealing eggs and releasing those babies back into the ocean to help increase population numbers. Chacocente, to the north is one of their favored nesting sites and a beautiful nature reserve, well worth visiting.


You can't beat nature, she really does have it all including some of the most relaxing spots in the Popoyo area. Just beyond Guasacate beach, you'll find the tide pool, carved out over the years but now perfect for walking to, sitting in and chilling. Equally as soothing ,in Las Salinas there are some local thermal springs that bubble up from the earth and have been shaped into baths. Only a couple of bucks to enter! When in season, the Rodeo is an experience and atmostphere you won't want to miss.


Castaways Nicaragua can help you choose from a range of day trips and sights to visit. Although not a day trip - hiking the Concepcion Volcano in Ometpe is a great challenge and we can make sure you get over to the island safely. While there, we highly recommend visiting our good friends at El Pital (tell them we sent you). Up in Leon we'll get you boarding down a volcano at record speeds in no time and there is nothing quite like visiting Granada, one of Central America's most beautiful colonial cities. San Juan del Sur is always fun if you've not been before - sunset boat cruise anyone?

When all else fails and you've tried everything - we'll always be waiting for you at Castaways Nicaragua, ready with a cold beer, juicy burger, a game of pool and a chat about the waves...


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